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Expert Rehabilitative Cardiologist in Pittsburgh, PA

Cardiac Rehabilitation Therapy

If you've experienced a serious cardiac event, or you’re recovering from cardiac surgery, your initial treatment is just the first step in your recovery. There are actually four phases in a cardiac rehab program, each with its own challenges, and you’ll need a caring, experienced cardiac care heart care clinic by your side to help you restore your heart to full health.

At Shadyside Cardiovascular, PLLC, we’re proud to coordinate compassionate, top-quality cardiac rehabilitation services to patients who are recovering from cardiac events. 

Working closely alongside our patients, we focus on the following phases of recovery:

  • Phase Three, Intensive Outpatient Rehab: Once you’ve completed the first two phases of your recovery and left a hospital setting, you’ll still need a  monitoring from a cardiologist who understands your case. Our team will put together your outpatient treatment plan -- including nutrition, exercise, and sometimes medication -- and schedule frequent evaluations with you to answer any questions you have and ensure that your recovery is on track.
  • Phase Four, Maintenance: Once you’ve completed Phase Three and moved toward even more independence, it remains important to maintain your progress. This includes occasional check-ins with your cardiology team, and the physicians at Shadyside Cardiovascular are here for you.

If you’re ready to complete your recovery and get back to life as you love it,  call to schedule your appointment with Shadyside Cardiovascular, PLLC today.


In-Person and Virtual Cardiac Rehab Center

Rehabilitation Monitoring Via Telehealth

Between your increasingly busy lives and a focus on safety following the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand the need for a virtual option when it comes to your healthcare, and cardiac rehabilitation is no exception.

At Shadyside Cardiovascular, PLLC, we’re proud to offer telemedicine consultation appointments throughout your rehabilitation period. This allows us to meet with you to discuss your progress whenever and wherever you’re available, all from the comfort and safety of your home.

If you’d like to schedule a telemedicine appointment with us, we make it easy. Just reach out to us using our simple, user-friendly online tool!

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